What to Eat to Overcome Exercise Fatigue, Tell 10 Foods


What Are The 10 Best Foods Should You Eat To Overcome Exercise Fatigue?

Everyone says how important exercising is and you must add it to your regular routine. However, what about the tiredness that follows? Why do most people don’t really talk about why we feel the exhaustion post-exercising and what can be done? Of course, the body gets used to what it goes through on a regular basis. But that clearly doesn’t mean that we can’t provide it with some aid. Food, being the love of most people and each body’s basic need, might actually hold the key to even this lock of exercise fatigue. Therefore, let’s see what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue so that you can take better care of yourself!


What Might The Foods That Help You Overcome Exercise Fatigue Be?

We often ignore the weariness that comes during or after working out. But that isn’t very wise because if not dealt with in time, that can take a serious turn. You may start facing regular aches, injuries, unstable concentration, etc. Thus, here is a list of a few eatables what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue:

Chia Seeds

Doesn't the name ‘chia seeds’ remind you of your pronunciation of birds as a kid? Okay, let's get back to the real topic because we know both of these concern each other with nothing. But let’s see it this way. Chia seeds provide you with those nutrients that help you achieve those health goals that would make your heart fly high with happiness. But are chia seeds one of what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue?

To answer your question, yes, chia seeds are effective towards dealing with the weariness that comes with exercising. They contain high amounts of Omega- fatty acids that boost the health of one’s brain. The seeds also are sources of protein making them capable of supplying your body with high amounts of amino acids that contribute to providing your body with the required energy. Furthermore, because they are great at absorbing water, their retaining power comes in handy when working out. Thus, when your mind wanders to the question of what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue, just serve yourself with chia seeds!

Green Tea

Ever noticed how the advertisements on television showcase the benefits of green tea with exercising if you want to lose weight? Well, it might look absurd to some people but it’s okay to be disappointed at times, isn’t it? Not only knowing what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue, but only what to drink; green tea is one to rely on.

Getting to the point, let’s accept the fact that green tea or matcha (a type of green tea) is actually pretty beneficial. It helps one maintain their weight as well as deal with the issues of fatigue and stress that come with intense physical activities and exercises. The various types of antioxidants present in matcha play the role of anti-fatigue agents. This helps both, your muscles with strength and your brains with active nerve cells.

Certain Fruits

Fruits are mostly considered very healthy in nature as they are known as rich sources of antioxidants, fibre, and other nutrients that are vital for the human body. When it comes to deciding what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue, there are some fruits that fall under the top priority. For instance, bananas, watermelons, pomegranates, oranges, apples, etc. are a few fruits that help with coping with the exertion that comes with working out.

These fruits are rich in fibres, liquid substances, and antioxidants. Where the fibres help in keeping the digestive system healthy, the liquid substance helps your body stay hydrated. Simultaneously, antioxidants support the overall functioning of the body. Therefore, if you want to avoid or deal with exercise fatigue, you better add these fruits to your diet food list!


Remember the show ‘Popeye, the Sailor Man’? If you do, you must remember how the protagonist of the cartoon used to eat spinach and would become full of strength. Honestly, that wasn’t just fictional.  Spinach, being a rich source of mineral, iron, helps increase haemoglobin in your blood which, in turn, transports oxygen to your different body parts. Thus, you need not get confused as to what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue. The only thing you need to do is include spinach in your diet and voila!

There are several ways to consume spinach as well. But the best known to Indians is absolutely the one that’s coming straight to your mind- Palak Paneer. And the fact it also contains cottage cheese (a dairy product that, too, is important to fight against tiredness caused due to exercise) makes it much more beneficial. In fact, cooking it in olive oil while taking care of other healthy instructions would definitely prove to be in your favour.


The presence of oatmeal among what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue shouldn't really be surprising. They support in maintaining a healthy and fit body as they maintain your blood sugar levels at par, stabilise your heart rate, support against heart diseases, help lose weight, etc. They even help in improving your metabolic process due to the presence of antioxidants and soluble fibres.

Therefore, besides exercising, oatmeal can also help you maintain your health and deal with the fatigue and loathness that might accompany these physical activities. In fact, you can consume oatmeal anytime. So you needn’t worry about fixing a time. However, have it before or after working out.


The happiness when you realise that the yummy food you love is also actually healthy is immeasurable! Berries such as blueberries and raspberries are the perfect example of this situation. These slightly tangy berries are full of antioxidants that are accountable for your metabolism, balance blood levels, improve blood circulation throughout your body, etc.

Thus, do not overthink what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue, especially regarding their tastes. Both the needful elements and the gifts for your taste buds are secure in these berries. All you have to do to unlock this treasure is to start eating them while you carry on with your working out!


Isn’t it weird how so many of what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue have those food items that somehow also trail us back to the past? Eggs, too, are those. There used to be displayed an advertisement with an emphasis on eating eggs with the tagline of “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao andey!” It’s funny how true that was, for people of various ages as well as for recovering from weariness due to physical activities like exercising.

Eggs, being an extremely rich source of protein, help cope with the lack of energy and stamina used in working out. Your body, thus digests this protein and uses it when the requirement arises. However, those who do not eat eggs can consume soybeans as they, too, are exceptionally high in protein.

Dairy Products

You must have already known that milk and other dairy products help build bone strength, better memory and brain functioning, lower blood pressure, etc. But did you know that they are also quite beneficial for dealing with the tiredness that follows exercising? This is why they have secured a place in this list of what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue.

In fact. Even if you do not like to directly drink milk, you can get its nutrients and maybe even more through other dairy products such as curd, buttermilk, yoghurt, etc. These dairy products have vitamins B2 and B12 that generate energy and reduce fatigue, and calcium and potassium which help muscle functioning. Therefore, the next time you consider milk as a drink for kids, it would be better if you reconsider your thoughts as the list of what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue is incomplete without them!

Lentils And Pulses

Lentils and pulses might be seen among those eatables that not just sound boring but also taste blatant if not cooked with a unique level of cooking art skills. However, we often forget how beneficial they actually are in nature. They are so rich in fibres and proteins that from a child to a patient, all can consume lentils and pulses.

This is why they deserve to be on the list of what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue. The presence of potassium, iron, and folate is what enables lentils to be of much use to your body. Moreover, pulses also contain these along with protein, fibres, zinc, and magnesium which is like a double attack on your exhaustion!

Taro Root

Sweet potatoes are delicious, aren't they? But because they are also healthy, they deserve much more love. Similar are taro roots. They look pretty much like sweet potatoes but are just a little red in colour. They are extremely rich in dietary fibre and good carbs. Both of these have functions such as:

  • Improving and maintaining your digestive system
  • Filling your stomach
  • Providing other nutrients and proteins that your body demands, and
  • Helping lose weight in a healthy manner.

It is also full of vitamins C, B6, and E which contribute to maintaining your immune system and eradicating free radicals. Thus, when thinking about what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue, do not forget about taro roots.

Bonus: WATER!

Yes, we know you want to know what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue. But guess what? Water is never going to leave the list of those consumable items that are the most important for the very existence of all beings. Let’s put it this way which may come as a very childish reasoning. Because around 60% of our bodies are made up of water, our body has a constant need to balance this percentage for its normal functioning.

Drinking from about two litres to three litres of water is generally considered mandatory if you are into gyming. In fact, when we are advised to drink around the same amount of water even in general, it would be much better to intake it in more quantity than this when your routine includes exercising. There are multiple minerals that are a must for your body and water works well in providing them while keeping you hydrated and refreshed. Therefore, besides knowing what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue, you should also consider drinking a good amount of water. Consider the following reasons for this:

  • Reduce the chances of heat stress
  • Keep the normal functioning of the body going
  • Replace the fluids like sweat lost during and due to physical activities, etc.

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Overcome Exercise Fatigue

Remember how frustrating it was when all the steps of your sum in mathematics were correct except the last one, and so you got your answer wrong as well? This is how it is to know and follow what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue but not avoid what you should.

  • Energy drinks, as they are a combination of caffeine and sugar to avoid dehydration and fatigue.
  • Alcohol is an obvious consumable item that should be avoided not just to overcome exercise fatigue but also in general.
  • Sweetened items like candies, or items that contain sugar, or even honey help with your calories, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • White bread, too, contains a high amount of carbs that need to be avoided to keep your blood sugar levels in harmony.
  • Ultra-processed foods contain high amounts of saturated sugars, salts, and fats that hold the capability to wreak havoc on one’s health.

What Are The Other Things That Can Be Done When Overcoming Exercise Fatigue?

Besides knowing what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue and what to avoid, there are also some things that you can do. Here are a few of them:

  • Drink sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated, your heart rate maintained, your body temperature balanced, etc.
  • Have a snack either before or after working out to keep your stamina high and performance intact.
  • Keep your intake and deduction of calories in check so as to not face any side effects of exercising in the form of excessive fatigue or anything else.
  • Consume a balanced diet so that your body gets all the required nutrients not just for exercising but also for daily functioning.
  • Allow your body a break through an ample amount of sleep to recuperate, heal, and be revived.
  • Do not let stress get the best of you and it may actually ruin all your efforts towards living healthily, let alone overcoming exercise fatigue.

Summarising Thoughts!

It is very important to figure out what exactly is a serious issue and what might just be our minds and beliefs playing tricks on us. This can be easy to recognise in some cases while in cases like exercising, which is generally seen as healthy, can be pretty difficult. This is why one might confuse casual tiredness with exercise fatigue. In fact, this can further go down South if ignored for a longer time. However, if you know what to eat to overcome exercise fatigue, things might be easier to deal with along with knowing what you must avoid.  Besides, some other steps like your diet, relaxation sessions, mental health, etc. also contribute to this same concern. So seal the deal of taking better care of yourself today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best remedy for physical fatigue?
  • The best and the most apt solution to physical fatigue might be not just eating healthy or stressing less but also indulging yourself in more physical activities and exercises. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible all at once but you will have to take it gradually.

  • What foods give you energy and stamina?
  • Foods like oatmeal, dairy products, protein-rich food like eggs, and leafy greens, and dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, lentils and pulses, can help you gain energy and stamina.

  • How do you get rid of exercise fatigue?
  • To get rid of exercise fatigue, you ought to consume foods that could help your muscles gain their strength back, avoid eatables that oppose your health, and follow the following:

    • Drinking water
    • Snacking pre or post your workout
    • Keeping an eye on your calories
    • Intaking balanced diet
    • Letting your body some time of relaxation
    • Balancing your stress levels

  • Why do I get so tired from exercise?
  • The obvious and simplest reason why you get tired from exercising is that your muscles lose their stamina for any more movement as well and your nervous system fails to keep them working.

  • What are the signs of exercise intolerance?
  • First off, exercise fatigue syndrome might be the reason behind this exercise intolerance you may be facing. To know this for sure, notice the following symptoms:

    • Chest pain and uneasiness
    • Abnormal and severe breath shortness
    • Over Sweating
    • Skin discolouration
    • Leg cramps
    • Muscle aches
    • Intense fatigue