Is it Possible to Get Pregnant if a Partner Has Erectile Dysfunction?



 Erectile Dysfunction and Pregnancy

 Though not very much talked about, there are certain health issues that just can’t be neglected. One such health issue is that of erectile dysfunction. If you break and ponder on these two words, they clearly signify what they mean. Erectile refers to a man’s erection or penis, while dysfunction means something that doesn’t function properly. Therefore, erectile dysfunction is a sexual health issue faced by men that affects their penis. Such problems can often leave the person concerned, under-confident, over-conscious, and stressed, thus, affecting their overall health to a great and sometimes alarming level. 

What Happens in Erectile Dysfunction?

Very simply explained, erectile dysfunction is a sexual issue found in men and trans people. In this health situation, the person is unable to get or keep an erection. Besides, there also occurs a decrease in sexual desire. This, in all, includes multiple aspects like premature or delayed ejaculation, concerns regarding erection, and other medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, etc. All of these troubles and diseases can influence a person to a different level of seriousness that isn’t limited to bodily confidence but also influences one’s mental and emotional health. This is why it’s important that such issues, although they are sensitive, must be freely spoken, discussed, and properly treated. 

Complications That Come Along With ED 

None can deny the fact that no problem comes with everything simple. There are some complications that need to be dealt with- some simple while others are severe. However, you may also get a chance to prevent these complications from getting serious. Similarly, some complexities also accompany erectile dysfunction that need to be understood and dealt with.

  • Unsatisfied sex life due to inability to get or sustain boner, or premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Stress and anxiety due to performance pressure
  • Embarrassment because of not being “up to the mark” in bed
  • Low self-esteem and confidence for not being “manly” enough or being good in bed with your partner
  • Relationship troubles that may be a result of sexual incompatibility
  • Difficulty in getting your partner pregnant as a result of being unable to make out because of several effects of ED

Can You Get Pregnant By A Man With Erectile Dysfunction? 

While all the complexities of ED can be dealt with effectively, there is one that might require a bit more of a person’s effort. This particular tangled web is the question if you can get pregnant by a man with erectile dysfunction. And the fact that this question popped into your mind is very much valid. The reason behind this might be considered the inability of the person with Ed to have an erection or keep it long enough to perform the sexual act in the first place. 

However, some of you might actually be surprised that a person, despite having ED, can get their partner pregnant. Of course, this, too, comes with a “terms & conditions applied” statement. This is because although pregnancy is possible, there may actually arise some complications for very genuine reasons. However, let’s make one thing very clear here. Being unable to have an erection or not being able to sustain it doesn’t mean that the person is infertile as it doesn’t affect the production and development of the individual’s sperm or their quality. 

However, it is the individual’s hormonal issues that may actually be responsible for their fertility. An imbalance in their hormones can certainly intrude on sperm generation and development, lead to low sex drive, and a decrease in testosterone levels.

How To Get Pregnant If Husband Has Erectile Dysfunction 

So by now, you already must know and understand that you can get pregnant even if your husband, god forbid, has erectile dysfunction. Similar to how there are various causes leading to erectile dysfunction, certain steps to help prevent and treatments to deal with also exist. While some of these can be initiated by oneself, some require the absolute inclusion of an expert. For instance, changing your lifestyle can be initiated and carried forward by yourself whereas medication change can only be prescribed by a doctor. 

However, one thing that remains constant is the goal, i.e., to fight erectile dysfunction. Thus, if you want to conceive when your husband has erectile dysfunction, it’s better to combine both the patient’s and their partner’s efforts and the doctor’s. So what can the steps from your end be and what and how could the doctors treat this same challenge? 

Preventions As Your Initiative:

  • Quit smoking, if applicable in your case
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Keep your blood pressure and diabetes in check
  • Be more physically active
  • Stop the consumption of abusive and illegal drugs 

Professional Treatments:

  • Lifestyle changes that a healthcare professional suggests
  • Counselling sessions can help a great deal as well 

What Might You Medically Be Prescribed?

  • Change of medication
  • Oral medication for the issue
  • Injectable medicines and suppositories
  • Alternative medicines
  • Usage of vacuum device
  • Surgery, which is usually not suggested that easily 

Can A Person With Erectile Dysfunction Get A Woman Pregnant? 

We don’t always have to be so negative, do we? For instance, just because you are facing something bad and you have that thought in the back of your mind that something bad or maybe even worse may happen doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy in the moment. In fact, it’s good to think and be positive even in tough times to keep oneself hyped up. This should be enforced not just in general but also when facing health trouble. One such health issue that can shake the entire foundation of a person is erectile dysfunction. Above all, things escalate when their partner gets involved in the situation as well. This could be various situations and thought processes varying from sexual pleasure to questions like, “Can someone with erectile dysfunction impregnate a woman?”

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect Your Relationship? 

Everything is fine and one can deal with it unless it involves people who are important to them. And when it comes to erectile dysfunction, it can certainly affect a larger sphere of one’s life and relationships. One of these relationships holds the top priority when it comes to erectile dysfunction. This particular sexual issue affects the person and their partner the most. But how? See the following pointers jotted below: 


Erectile dysfunction can be confusing, not just for the patient but also for their partner. It can create a wedge between them and create a situation where the other may be bombarded with unwanted thoughts. This, in turn, may lead to the weakening of their relationship severely. Thus, the confusion might result in ending all the good things an individual has with their partner in just the blink of an eye.



Having and facing anxiousness in tough times is a very humane response. Coming across and face-to-face with erectile dysfunction is no different. It creates loads of stress and anxiety in the person tackling it. The thought of not performing well in bed, having doubts about their manliness, not being sexually healthy, etc. can all be a lot to handle at times. This may result in shattering other spheres of their life as well like questions such as, “Can a man with erectile dysfunction get a woman pregnant?”



Not being aroused or keeping up with the arousal with your partner may also create doubts in the mind. Whether or not their partner is loyal to them, questions may be pointed at their relationship. In fact, even the mind of the person suffering may start creating suspicions about their sexuality, thus, affecting their overall life. Furthermore, the partner may feel disregarded and betrayed for no real reason.



All of the above concerns of confusion, anxiousness, and suspicion can overall wreak havoc in a person’s life. How, you may ask? Well, all that has to be done is be miscommunicated and *boom* one thing may lead to the other and so on ruining the entire relationship. After all, it’s not always someone else who could create a gap between partners but also misinterpretations between both parties.

What Can Be Done In A Relationship Against ED?


When questions like, “Can a person with erectile dysfunction get a woman pregnant?” start cropping in your mind, understand that it’s time to give proper thought to the issue. However, this might not be the solution. There are certain things that can be done as well besides getting professionally treated. Below are some really good and trustworthy to help you and your partner in a situation like ED:


Be Open-Minded

The issue of erectile dysfunction is rather sensitive. Maybe this is why it isn’t even talked about as much as it should be. However, only the person facing it and the ones close to him can understand what it’s like. Hence, it’s very important for the person and their partner at the very least to be open-minded enough to accept and face this problem.


Be Supportive and Understanding

Imagine just keeping your house open to needy people and not actually helping them. Similarly, besides keeping an open mind, the partner ought to be supportive and understanding to the level that the patient can freely and without the fear of being judged talk to them about their issue of erectile dysfunction. After all, support and understanding are all one can actually do for their partner in difficult times.


Communicate and Comprehend

You must have heard that communication is the key. However, we often forget that no matter how much you try and communicate with someone, if the other person doesn’t want to comprehend your words and actions, nothing matters. Thus, when a person has erectile dysfunction, it is one of the most basic requirements for both parties to communicate and comprehend it simultaneously.


Give A Chance To Counselling

Never commit the mistake of underestimating your brain's capacity for things it can do. There are chances that your problem of erectile dysfunction is actually a result of your bad or degrading mental health. Even if this isn’t the case, your mental health can help or worsen your ED. Thus, counselling can actually be of great help. Besides, there may also be the need for a couple therapy or counselling for the same.


Try Other Forms of Intimacy

Intimacy is often mistaken just as making love. However, because there is no fixed definition of intimacy, its meaning may be different for everyone. Thus, you can try and do the same. Try giving a chance to other forms of intimacy. Holding hands, cuddling, being emotionally available, doing something for your partner out of love, etc. are all various forms of intimacy that go beyond just sex.


How To Get Pregnant With Erectile Dysfunction


Pregnancy can prove to be a beautiful turn that the lives of a couple take. Obviously, not everyone likes the idea of parenting, however, let’s see it with a bit of a sentimental approach. Imagine a couple trying to get pregnant for quite some time already and failing at it again and again. Under normal circumstances, this condition can be dealt with through several methods. However, if one of the partners has some sexual health issue such as erectile dysfunction, things can be a bit different. Now you may wonder what erectile dysfunction is and/or if can you still conceive with erectile dysfunction. Therefore, why not clarify the very basic doubts before proceeding further on to the question of “how?”?

A Brief of Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual issue that males and trans people may face due to several background reasons. Debriefing in the simplest way, erectile dysfunction is that sexual problem where the person faces difficulty in getting an erection, sustaining an erection, and having sexual desires. The reasons that lead a person to this situation may be various. A few of these reasons are mentioned below:


  • Age
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Medicinal side effects
  • Medical health conditions
  • Physical conditions
  • Emotional turbulences
  • Mental health issues
  • Bad lifestyle
  • Toxic addictions
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lack of confidence
  • Performance worry, etc.

Getting pregnant with erectile dysfunction


Now that you know what may cause erectile dysfunction, you must also have the knowledge about what risks and complications this sexual issue carries around with it.


  • Discontentment with sex life as a result of not being able to have and/or keep an erection, or ejaculate too soon or too later
  • Performance pressure that leads to stress and anxiety
  • Embarrassment that might be a result of not performing well enough
  • Low confidence and self-esteem due to suspicions of not being manly enough
  • Sexual incompatibility that could lead to relationship issues
  • Not being able to have (proper) intercourse and getting your partner pregnant.


Let’s all admit that getting pregnant with erectile dysfunction might actually be one of the most concerning issues for lots of people, especially in this era. However, you must understand that if you have erectile dysfunction can you still get pregnant. The reason for this, particularly, the production of sperm or their quality isn't affected by it. Thus, conceiving despite having this issue is possible.

How to get pregnant with erectile dysfunction?


As mentioned above, having erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean that you cannot get pregnant. However, this is where a different concern arises, i.e., how to get pregnant with erectile dysfunction. Of course, today, there are other methods to get pregnant like IVF and intrauterine insemination. However, natural pregnancy through intercourse is still the most preferable one. But what if you or your partner has erectile dysfunction? Many people might have the misconception that conceiving with ED might not be possible or affects fertility. Nevertheless, that isn’t true.


Erectile dysfunction doesn’t affect your fertility but it may create troubles when you are trying for a child. The reason behind this is that ED makes a person unable to have an erection or hold it for long creating hindrance in sexual intercourse. Thus, being unable to make love simply implies that the sperm can combine with the egg to form a zygote, which is absolutely necessary to get pregnant. But the good news is that there are solutions to ED. Continue reading the below pointers to learn more about these solutions:


How to Prevent?

Prevention is definitely better than cure. Hence, here are a few things that may help prevent erectile dysfunction:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Consume a healthy diet
  • Balance a healthy weight
  • Maintain your blood pressure and diabetes
  • Be more physically active
  • Say no to abusive and illegal drug consumption


What Are The Treatments?

There are certain treatments that a professional might suggest before taking any other step like,

  • Lifestyle changes that a healthcare professional suggests
  • Counselling sessions can help a great deal as well


On the other hand, there might be some medical treatments that you get prescribed like,

  • Medication change
  • Implication of oral medication
  • Injectable medicines and suppositories
  • Alternative medicines
  • Prescription and usage of vacuum device
  • Surgery (However, this isn’t generally suggested that easily)


Therefore, this suggests that it is possible for a couple to get pregnant despite a partner having erectile dysfunction.




In conclusion, erectile dysfunction (ED) can have a significant impact on a man's ability to father a child. While it is not typically considered a direct cause of infertility, it can have a negative effect on sexual function and may be associated with underlying health conditions that can affect fertility. Men with ED who are trying to conceive should discuss their symptoms and any underlying health conditions with their doctor and may benefit from working with a fertility specialist. With the right treatment and support, many men with ED are able to overcome their symptoms and successfully father a child.

In conclusion, a man's capacity to become a father may be significantly impacted by erectile dysfunction (ED). While it is not typically considered a direct cause of infertility in males, it can have a detrimental impact on sexual performance and may be linked to underlying health issues that can impact fertility. Men with ED who are attempting to impregnate their partner should talk to their doctor about their symptoms and any underlying medical issues for the best erectile dysfunction treatment online.