Nirvasa L-Carnitine Effervescent Tablets (15 Tabs)


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Aids Weight Loss & Reduces Exercise Fatigue

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Buy L-Carnitine Effervescent Tablets Online at Best Price In India

Let your fat turn out to be energy – Surprised? Well, it can be if you start consuming these fizzy tablets regularly. Nirvasa l carnitine effervescent tablets are best known as fat burners, as these tablets accelerate fat metabolism by carrying fat into the mitochondria, where the fat is metabolised into ATP for energy production. Along with this advantage, it is a regular supplement for fitness freaks and gym lovers as it reduces muscle soreness, exercise fatigue, and improve workout performance. Buy l carnitine effervescent tablets online under the roof of Nirvasa at cost-effective rate.

  • Consume this tablet twice a day or as per suggested by the healthcare expert

  • Pop –Drop 1 L-Carnitine into 250ml of cold water
  • Fizz- Wait till the effervescent tablet dissolves
  • Sip- Gulp down the benefits of L-Carnitine

  • Store in a dry and dark place, away from direct sunlight

Increases Muscle Mass
L-Carnitine is one of the most famous non-stimulant fat burners that helps to promote muscle mass. It increases energy production and facilitates fat metabolism. With a higher level of l carnitine effervescent tabs in India, the body becomes more efficient at burning fat. Also, it helps to reduce visceral belly fat (stored deep inside the belly), which may lead to fatty liver problems and other health conditions. It also improves endurance and increases energy output.

Effective Fat Burner
l carnitine effervescent tablets aid in the process of breaking down lipids and transforming them into useful energy. More fat cells used during the exercises help the fitness freak burn more fat than normal. Nirvasa L carnitine effervescent tabs in India raise your energy level and increase fat burning with every workout session, hence stimulating weight loss. Furthermore, it prevents fat from being stored in a person's body, which further facilitates weight management and provides a quick result if the person is on a healthy diet and regular workout.  

Enhances Athletic Performance
The L-Carnitine in Nirvasa L-Carnitine effervescent tablets enhances and improves athletic performance during their heavy and intense workouts. Nirvasa l carnitine effervescent tablets are beneficial for athletes, gym freaks, trainers and coaches as it reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, improves recovery times, stimulates muscle protein synthesis, and boosts endurance and strength for exercise performance.  

Boosts Immunity
It enhances the overall immune system of the body and functions as a powerful antioxidant. L carnitine effervescent tabs in India, due to its anti-oxidant properties, combat free radicals and neutralise detrimental effects on the body's cells. It acts as a fat-burner that leads to increased energy, which is required to enhance performance and thereby build muscle faster.  

Reduces Fatigue
L carnitine effervescent tablets play a role in reducing exercise fatigue and lowering the time of exhaustion after the workout. It helps a person to train harder and for longer, which leads to better fitness levels. Nirvasa l carnitine effervescent tablets decrease exercise-induced after-effects and lessen muscle fatigue, alleviate muscle soreness, prevent or slow muscle loss, elevates energy metabolism, and prevents muscle damage.




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It is a compound produced in our bodies from methionine and lysine, and is found in food too. One of the major roles of L-Carnitine is that it facilitates fat metabolism by carrying fat into the mitochondria, where the fat is metabolised into ATP for energy production. It reduces fatigue, improves athletic performance, lessens muscle soreness (caused by heavy workouts), boosts cellular energy, speeds up fat burning, and improves fertility in men and women. Along with all these benefits, it also increases fatty acid oxidation and reduces free radical formation, which may lessen muscle weakness.


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Your demand for L-Carnitine rises significantly when you are working toward a major objective like
weight loss, improved athletic performance, or muscle recovery. Although it is produced by our
body, for the fitness freak, it may not be enough. People, particularly vegans, may not be able to
create enough Carnitine in their bodies on their own. Hence, L-Carnitine supplements raise muscle
Carnitine levels, which further elevates energy production, reduces fatigue, and speeds up muscle

Nirvasa L-Carnitine helps enhance your workout or training session and contributes to giving you
lean and shaped muscles. When you consume L-Carnitine effervescent tabs before your workout,
you are going to use less glycogen and more fat as energy, which further improves your workout
time and endurance.

Yes! Nirvasa L-Carnitine effervescent tabs have a role in fat metabolism. Carnitine accelerates fat
metabolism by carrying fat into the mitochondria, where the fat is metabolised into ATP for energy
production. Doing so enhances energy production and weight loss outcomes.

Nirvasa L-Carnitine effervescent tabs have a noteworthy effect on athletic performance as they
reduce muscle fatigue and soreness after even intense heavy workouts. It stimulates muscle protein
synthesis; helps boost energy levels to improve your exercise hours and efficacy without causing
muscle weariness and tiredness.

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