5 Most Important Factors Explaining the Importance of Health & Wellness

We hear them around us, from our friends, family, and even in our workplaces. COVID has made us believe in the two words, which we knew existed but weren’t our priority. It might be a perspective of negative motivation, but this is one ‘good thing’ that has happened due to the pandemic. These two words are health and wellness. People knew their meaning, but now they actually know what they are. However, we still confuse their meanings. A person cannot have one without another, but there is a difference between health and wellness, which are completely different concepts that are variable.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the meaning of health is the state of physical, social, and mental well-being without the absence of infirmity or any disease. Whereas wellness is not just physical health (i.e., exercise, nutrition, weight management, etc.), it is much more than that! It’s a comprehensive amalgamation of spiritual, mental, and physical well-being that completes the body, captivates the mind, and nurtures the soul. In layman’s language, wellness is a positive approach to living a happy and healthy life.

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Truly, achieving health without wellness is not possible. Wellness directly impacts your overall health to gives you a happy, robust, and fulfilled life.



Why is health and well-being important?

Among every other life contentment, having a healthy life and exceptional well-being is what every living soul desires; you can possess the power of well-being only when you achieve sound health. No one can really be happy and fulfilled if they do not have good health and are not physically satisfied. Living a healthy and fit lifestyle, involving regular workouts, eating healthy, maintaining a nutritious and well-balanced diet, including top wellness supplements like multivitamins, biotin, salmon fish oil, protein powder, etc., and avoiding junk and sedentary lifestyles, can be a bane for your mood, extend your life, rejuvenate your skin and hair, and improve your overall well-being without any doubt.

However, switching to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits is hard to develop and needs a transformation of mindset. In this, a targeted approach and strong willpower will your super powers helping you follow a healthy life ahead. The most commonly heard and experienced health issues are overweight, diseases, mood fluctuations, low vitality, lack of stamina or endurance and fatigue. Below are the most important factors that help you overcome all these issues and explain the importance of health and wellness.


  1.       Weight Management

Eating nutritious and healthy food while maintaining a routine of exercise help you lose those extra kilos you gained because of all the junk you ate and minimal physical activities. Without including a workout in your regimen, losing extra weight and achieving your target is not possible.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), an adult should work out for at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week to stay flexible and active. Apart from this, you need to start with a calorie-managed or balanced diet with the top wellness supplements like garcinia cambogia, apple cider vinegar, and even KETO tablets. An apt balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins is required to take your energy to the next level and keep you going throughout the day.


  1.       Enhances Mood

It is quite evident that healthy eating and daily exercising can give you energy and keep your mind active throughout the day. Whether minimal, moderate or extensive workout done consistently has mood-uplifting benefits for people of all skill levels. This combination of a good diet and workout leads to a calm and composed mind while improving your mood fluctuations and elevating your confidence.

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  1.       Elevates Energy

Having junk food or entertaining unhealthy eating habits can cause lethargy and fatigue. On the contrary, a perfectly-balanced diet along with moderate exercise can fuel up your body to fun all internal and external functions properly. A healthy diet can involve lean meats, whole grains, lentils, low-fat dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Taking both things simultaneously can help you with good, sound sleep and enable you to start an energetic day ahead.


  1.       Eliminates Diseases

When you feel healthy and fit, all the diseases like blood pressure, blood sugar, heart issues, stress, depression, body ache, etc. are kept at bay. Eating a proper diet high in fibre, proteins and carbohydrates help the body in functional strength and endurance and makes sure strong mental health. It even improves your metabolism which leads to healthy digestion.


  1.       Supports Life Longevity

Last but not least, adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle in your daily routine can offer a healthier, happier, and longer life. It happens through smooth and younger skin, nourished and strong hair, robust bones, and overall well-being.

Just for a healthy body, start with eating something green, something non-oily and something called healthy, and short five-minute walks after eating to boost up the metabolic process. Make sure the time exceeds daily 30 minutes.


How many dimensions of wellness are there?

Most of us usually associate wellness with a healthy lifestyle, eating fresh and healthy and exercising daily. But it actually means to feel happy from within. The story doesn’t end here; there are 8 dimensions of wellness focusing on optimizing health and overall well-being. From physical to social, the term wellness is widely spread in different areas of our lives that we might not even know.

  •         Physical

The physical dimension of wellness is known to improve physical fitness which actually means is to make a person physically able to prevent diseases and chronic illness. Working out invigorates a healthy body, mind and soul. A desk-bound or sedentary lifestyle can be kept at bay by including some physical activity in daily routine, such as counting steps, cycling, walking the dog, or even hiking. Drinking plenty of water, intaking good nutrition, eating a well-balanced diet which is rich in every component required by your body, and getting enough sleep promotes the physical wellness of a person.


  •         Intellectual

Mental engagement and exercise via problem-solving, learning, and creativity support the intellectual dimension of wellness to promote a better attitude. You need not have an IQ of 170 to be intellectually sound. It is more about how you understand the process of learning and implementing it in your life. Reading new books, trying new things, taking a class or joining a club can help in elevating your intellectual knowledge and wellness.


  •         Emotional

Physical wellness is something mostly all talk about, however, emotional wellness has also started to come into conversations. It is what people are worried about and are practising every possible way to keep their emotional being. You might have noticed, when you are emotionally well, you are positive, you are confident, you become capable of being sensible towards others, and even feel empathy and compassion, you feel content and learn to cope with stress and anxiety. It is extremely complex though, but the emotional dimension of wellness can make you a stronger and better person altogether. There’s one thing to remember and which is that all 8 dimensions of wellness are interconnected, therefore, being physically sound can have a positive impact on your emotional wellness.


  •         Environmental

How you keep your surroundings tidy and organized is what environmental dimension of wellness. Environment plays a vital role in improving our well-being as a clean place affects your mental health positively. However, it is not only about keeping your home clean but your surroundings anywhere you go. You would have heard a saying that “tidy home, tidy mind”. Cleaning might not be your forte or favourite task to do, but keeping it organized and reallocating some time once a week to clean things around your home.


  •         Social

The social dimension of wellness is a sense of belongingness and being connected or active in social circles and support networks. This dimension incorporates interacting with people, relating and giving your input in a community. When you establish good relationships and try to maintain long-term bonds with family, friends, colleagues, partners, or even long-lost acquaintances, you feel good and mentally fit. Using good communication skills and being humble instead of aggressive and treating others with disrespect is what is called being socially well.


  •         Spiritual

Spiritual dimension of wellness doesn’t relate to the faith of a person or religion, but seeking true meaning and purpose of a person’s existence; it is actually finding you within you. Spiritual wellness might knock on your door when you take part in self-reflection, volunteering, forgiving, showing care and compassion, meditating, and spending some quality time with nature.

The signs of true spiritual wellness are to have a clear understanding of one’s values, principles and finding that self-confidence and inner peace.


  •         Financial

To be financially well doesn’t imply having enough money, but rather to understand and realise how satisfied you feel with your financial situation. Are you okay with what is happening in your financial life? Do you have any plans for your future in terms of finances? This can be a little mind-disturbing and difficult to evaluate, but learning to be savvy with your expenses, knowing how to spend within your budget, and learning to invest extra money can help you achieve the highest level of financial dimension of wellness.


The Conclusion

As everything we talked about concerns your health and wellness, you now would have better clarity on all the benefits that come along with making self-care a priority. Learning to ace all the dimensions of wellness and understanding the true meaning of health is what matters. Rather than thinking about the world out there, it would be wise to think hard about your own well-being and figure out how crucial it is for you or not.

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So, why wait for another day to start giving your health and life priority?