How to Embrace Your Natural Beauty?


“Acceptance and forgiveness are the two keys to life,” I used to say. True but how much and in what cases? There are some situations you can apply this to and some that you can’t. How to distinguish them? Then I started sorting my head creating imaginary tables where my eyes used to pick certain situations and place them in their respective places.

Getting belittled in the name of joking? Not acceptable.

Being vulnerable with your loved ones? Acceptable.
Getting stagnant in the name of self-love? Not acceptable.
Embracing natural beauty? Highly acceptable!

But you know what? Accepting things that make us vulnerable and/or the ones that we, consciously or not, are insecure about is way too difficult than it is said. However, with little help and guidance, even this can be overcome. Though not going on an emotional level, let’s focus on the topic of raw beauty which might be one of the conditions that’s difficult to embrace for many. However, even this journey may be a rollercoaster for many so, let’s go through some steps that personally helped me embrace my real.

Top 9 Suggestions that Might Help

Below mentioned are a few steps that I personally took to accept my natural beauty. Who knows they might even help you discover and embrace yours!?

  • Start Working on Yourself with Little Steps
  • The very first thing that I noticed among people who tried “preaching” me on embracing myself was how they started following certain routines that were obviously too much for a beginner like me. But the truth is, it all starts with the smallest steps you take towards anything. You can’t jump from one end of the room to the other without taking the steps that fall in between.

    Then how are you supposed to start everything all at once when it comes to taking care of yourself in any way? Before anything, it’s better to recognise your reality and need of the hour. In fact, the best step would be to gradually start implementing mindful skin care choices. It is these petty steps that hold the capacity to help you attain your best self.

  • Be Consistent but not Hard
  • Consistency in the right direction is the key and a crucial step towards achieving what you want, be it in your studies, career or even a personal goal like embracement of your raw self and natural beauty. But wait. This, in any possible way doesn’t mean that you will start pushing yourself more than your capacity and being hard on yourself. Yes, gradually increasing your boundaries to become better is great but getting obsessed towards doing so isn’t. I’ve seen a few people who go far and beyond in the name of embracing themselves and self-love. Do not do that.

    Being consistent here implies to skin care regime, hair care, activities for mental health, bettering your physical health, etc. Keep up with them regularly instead of doing them once or a few times then abandoning them, and expect to see some positive results.

  • Keep Yourself Motivated and in Check
  • Acceptance for anything often comes the hardest but when it does, you are all set to start moving forward and conquer the world. But of course, old habits seldom die. There are always chances that you will have a relapse. To contain the relapses to certain substances is still possible through some help. But when it comes to acknowledging your natural beauty, things are different.

    Overthinking of your so-called “flaws”, downgrading yourself, being influenced by the opinions and judgements of others, getting impatient and expecting more than you should from yourself, etc. are all toxic and should be kept in check. For this, you may use sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, cupboards, and refrigerator, give yourself regular “TED Talks”, use affirmative sentences for yourself, etc. Also, note that your self-confidence in any possible way is not a form of arrogance, which in itself is very toxic.

  • Start Practicing Healthy Habits
  • Okay, let me be honest. I was among those people who would exercise for like a week and then expect some positive outcome. When that didn’t happen, I would get frustrated and give up on everything I started. However, it is essential that you practice healthy habits. That’s how things are and should be.

    You can’t expect to continue eating all the junk of the world while continuing to put hours in the gym. This is why you need to train yourself to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This would automatically help your skin care, hair care, athletic performance, etc. thus, helping you bud even better. Therefore, start exercising, eating healthy, meditating, stop letting anything drain out your energy, etc. These are important even in general if you ask me.

  • Try and Stop Comparing Yourself with Others
  • It’s a very basic human nature to look and compare oneself with someone who’s in a better state than they are. And of course, as a human myself, I had this morbid trait as well. I call this morbid because God I used to inflict pain upon myself doing so! Then how was I supposed to embrace my natural beauty with all such unhealthiness? The only thing that went on and stayed on my mind was how better the other person was and how I could beat them in less time.

    While some might see this as a healthy competition, trust me, it’s not. However, if you do wish to compare and compete yourself, do it with yourself. Who would you guess knows you inside-out? You, of course. Besides, it is not someone else you need to live with but yourself. Thus, take notice of where you stand and how you can be better than who you were even a moment ago and see the magic.

  • Accept that You are NOT Perfect
  • “I am the best!” Yes, as an initiative towards embracing your natural beauty, that’s great. But is it the best idea because like, are you really trying to motivate yourself or conceal the fact that none of us is perfect? I mean, every one of us has flaws and there’s nothing wrong with it or accepting this very truth. Instead, our flaws are what make us human and real. People have wasted their lives trying to prove otherwise and achieving levels of perfection.

    However, let’s try it the other way around. Instead of being perfect, why not try and accept your flaws and work towards a better version of yourself? That’s how I began my journey. However, honestly, I wouldn’t say I have achieved my set goal yet, but I would definitely say that I’ve come a long way and stand in a much better position where I embrace and flaunt myself well to the world. (P.S. not talking about bragging)

  • Start to take Charge of Your Mind and Emotions
  • People often say that we mustn’t let our emotions control us. But we mostly forget how it is our mind that does all the overthinking, self-nagging, judging, self-criticism, etc. while emotions are just the results of hormones going wild and acting up. But how do our minds and emotions play a part in the embracement of our natural beauty? Well, that’s where everything begins, you know. See, the first thing you need to determine is the reason why the situation where you started questioning or thinking of your true self began.

    Next, you may want to come up with a logical reasoning as to why it’s important to you and how you can improve yourself. Following this, plan and start executing your ideas for the same with baby steps. But above all, you need to make sure you do not rush with things. For instance, if you are washing your hair, do not think about what you need to do next. Just relax and focus on the current task and give it full attention, focus, and effort.

  • Come to the Real World from the Internet World
  • Ever since the world learnt of the internet and it became available to all. Many people started confusing it with the real world and real life. False authentication, unrealistic expectations, cliché claims and ideas, and whatnot! It has become like a fictional world and often in a way that attempts to harm natural beauty. Of course, even I love fiction but come on! I also know how to be and the importance of staying in this factual world.

    This is why one of the first steps that I took towards embracing myself was to pull and keep myself out of this internet world and stay connected with the real one. I set some very practical goals starting with jotting down some basic lifestyle changes that I could start with. I think this might be the most basic initiative one can take in one’s favour, isn’t it?

  • Say “Hello” to the New World
  • It’s difficult to begin all over. But as it is said, “the best is yet to come”, you still have time and chances for a better future and a much better version of yourself is waiting for you. However, it’s all on you. After all, the handle of the door to both of these is in your hands. Open it or let it be. But I assure you that the view outside is beautiful once you start embracing yourself and levelling yourself up.

    Besides, I have already given you a heads-up on how you can commence your journey towards creating a new and better world for yourself. So what is making you wait when you have the ideas, motivation, guidance (this blog), and resources? Just make use of them and stop stopping yourself from entering a whole new world that’s waiting just for you. All you need to do is take the first step and continue going without letting anything down!

    What can You do to get a Better Version of Yourself?

    Do you know when I started embracing my natural beauty, what my next question to myself was? “What now?” My mind was reeling from this point over and again until I looked at myself in the mirror. The next thought that came to me is what I’ll be sharing with you now. How to be a better version of yourself now that you have learnt to acknowledge and confide in your raw self? Because why not?! You don’t just stop climbing the ladder leading to the roof just because you have climbed one of its steps. After all, the view from the top might be even better!

    Physical Health

    What comes to your mind when talking about physical health? Bones, muscles, eye health, etc.? Well, that’s not all on this list. Your physical health also includes your skin health, hair health, energy levels, metabolism, etc. And keeping all of these aspects is equally important to create that version of yourself which your past and present self would love and feel proud of. So what can you do for them?

    Skin Health:

    Taking care of your skin isn’t as difficult as it may sound or you think. There are certain basic steps you need to follow, such as

    • Cleansing
    • Toning
    • Exfoliation
    • Wearing mask
    • Applying serum
    • Moisturising
    • Eye care
    • Using sunscreen or night cream
    • Body care

    You may also take some specific steps towards sun-damaged skin, oily skin, skin with dark spots, etc.

    Hair Health:

    Hair health includes how you wash your hair, how to stop hair fall, etc. All these determine the strength, quality, and quantity of your hair, which overall influences your personality, life aspects, people’s views of you, etc. This is why, taking care of your hair might be much more important than you may think. In such cases, you may give a try to hair care products by Nirvasa.

    Other Aspects:

    Other aspects of your physical health include your immunity, bone and joint health, muscular health, athletic performance, stamina and energy levels, etc. For them, you could start consuming better eatables, keeping yourself physically active, sparing time for relaxation, etc. Besides, you may try adding certain supplements to your diet for extra aid.

    Psychological  and Emotional Health

    Your psychological and emotional health plays a major role in determining your overall health and how you perceive everything. An imbalance in your mental and emotional well-being can create turbulences in multiple aspects of your whole being and life. This makes it absolutely necessary for you to take better care of them. You can take several measures for this like meditating, stressing less, avoiding overthinking, investing in creativity, trying and learning new things, brain activities, spending time with nature, etc. Certain Ayurvedic items like ashwagandha, shilajit, etc. may actually be of some help.

    Summing Up The Thoughts!

    Every child hesitates a little when they first start walking but it’s also thrilling. This thrill further heightens when they finally learn to do so and even better, run. That’s how embracing your natural beauty is. In fact, let’s be brutally honest here. Embracing your true and raw self can actually be like a roller coaster ride. You would come across many things that even you might have never known about yourself. However, it is also one of the best feelings you would ever experience and the sense of freedom that follows is definitely unbeatable! So don’t resist anymore and just let yourself love you the way you would want anyone else to do so! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does embracing natural beauty mean?
    Embracing natural beauty means nothing but accepting and staying true to oneself and one’s bodily features and beyond in their raw forms. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot want to be better than you already are.

    How can I reveal my natural beauty?
    Revealing or showcasing your natural beauty isn’t a tough job, especially after you have already started loving yourself. However, this can be done in the simplest ways you can think like wearing little to no makeup, dressing the way you desire, doing the hair that you find the most appropriate, being body positive and working towards bettering yourself, more that presents your true self.

    Why should you embrace your natural beauty?
    When embrace your natural beauty, you take a step forward to loving and bettering yourself which is an absolute need in the long run provided the fact that it is yourself who you will be staying forever.

    How do you embrace natural beauty?
    Though it may be a little difficult, it is absolutely possible to embrace natural beauty. Try taking steps like-
    Take baby steps towards seeing the good in you and improving your negative traits.
    Don’t push yourself too much.
    Do not forget to pamper and motivate yourself at times.
    Start including healthy habits, foods and drinks, thoughts, and positive people in your life.
    Don’t set unrealistic and internet-defined goals, etc.

    What are the top three ways to keep my natural beauty intact?
    Once you have embraced your natural beauty, you have already taken that teeny-tiny and invisible step towards keeping it intact as you now somehow might have realised what you need to do. However, try these for the same as the most basic steps:

    Follow a skincare regime with natural and best-suited products for your skin and hair.
    Include physical activities and exercises in your daily lifestyle to keep your mind and body healthy.
    Start consuming healthy foods and drinks and avoiding toxic substances.