How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way For Their Healthy Growth!


Oh, dear Lord! Your hair looks terrible. What are you upto? Providing service to the birds by turning them into a nest or going bald to let your head shine brighter than the sun?! If neither of these are your hair care goals, then why don’t you wash them the right way and take proper care of them? See, your crush liking you back may not be in your hands but making them admire your hair isn’t a bad idea either, or is it? And if you are someone who doesn’t exactly know how to wash your hair the right way, then what are we for? Therefore, to know the same, dive right into this blog and start taking better care of your curtains!

Know How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way For Their Healthy Growth!

So, Is This The Correct Hair Care When Washing Them?

Rough and frizzy that are full of split ends are just the perfect signs that your hair care routine needs a revamp. Or else, be ready to get blunt slaps from your hair with the slightest wind for not taking better care of them. But because we care for your beautiful face, here is the (kind of) correct way to wash your hair:


You don’t just get under the shower and wash your hair out of the blue without getting those poor threads on your hair ready! There are certain things you need to cross-check prior to doing that.


Don’t you eat food to fill your stomach and for energy, and drink water to quench your thirst and stay hydrated? Similar is the case with your hair. Even they need their nourishment and nutrients to stay and grow healthy. And the first step in hair care is to give them a nice massage with oil. For this, too, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, etc. might be the best options. The reason why oiling your hair is essential is so that the nutrients present in this liquid can reach your scalp and help your hair repair itself, retain moisture, avoid dullness, and even restrict hair loss.


The next step to better hair care is detangling them. And by detangling, we don’t mean forcing all the knots of your hair literally “out” of your head but gently sorting them. After all, solving things with love might actually be the best way to achieve peace with anyone or anything. So when your hair is a part of your body, why be cruel to them? Use a broad-teethed and strong comb to detangle them after oiling so it will be easy for you to wash them. Also, using a wooden hair comb is much healthier as it is a superior master to spreading the oil to your hair strands.

Dilution of Shampoo

Trust us when we say that there a people who used to simply use a bar of soap to wash hair or take a lumpsum of shampoo to do the same in the name of hair care. But wait. You are not among those or even if you used to do so, you don’t anymore, do you? Well, if you do, we should stop you right there. Both soap and shampoo are made of chemicals or at least constitute some of them even if they are less in quantity. These chemicals can be really harsh on your scalp which might result in ruining it and your hair. Therefore, always dilute your shampoo with some amount of water and use that while washing your hair.

Hair Mask

This is actually an optional step but one that might actually be very effective in getting pretty hair. Also, if you think we are talking about those hair masks available in the market, you are half right. Yes, they are all good and all but natural is always the best. Our personal favourite and homemade hair mask will probably be that of rice.

For this, you need boiled rice, curd, a little water, and coconut or your preferred hair oil, all in the amount according to how much your hair demands. Next, make a fine paste of all of these ingredients and apply them on your hair taking thin strands one by one, and then cover them with a hair cap. Leave them for 30 to 60 minutes before you decide to wash them. The bonus point of this is that you do not really have to oil regularly after this and just repeat this hair masking step after every 4-6 washes. This might actually prove to be and/or become one of the treasured hair care hacks to you!

During The Wash

Now comes the actual part of hair care- how to wash your hair, what steps to follow or things to take care of while washing it. You obviously can just your hair full of oil or with a mask on forever or a very long time. So here’s how to wash your hair the right way!


No soap or shampoo is good enough to form a foam or lather without your hair being wet, and you surely know this. We honestly don’t doubt your smartness even a bit. But the question is, do you rinse your hair with what water temperature? For appropriate hair care, do not use hot or cold water to rinse them but lukewarm water. The reason for this is that both these temperatures can actually be pretty harsh for the roots of your locks.

Hot water can make your hair brittle and inducing them into breaking and thus, hair loss as well. On the other hand, cold water closes the cuticles of your hair which, in turn, makes them look flat and lose their volume. In contrast to both of these, lukewarm water, being in between both, balances the situation and proves to be the perfect temperature for your hair.


Scrubbing or exfoliation is a known process for your face, neck area, as well as your complete body. It is done to exterminate or at least reduce all the contaminants in your skin. This, in turn, helps in multiple ways. So why can’t scrubbing be an option for hair care as well? In the same way, scrubbing your face is for removing all its impurities and dead cells so that its better and healthier layer can come out finely, hair scrub does the same. TThey ensure to pave and clear a path of nourishment for your hair to grow better. Though it might not be a mandatory step to carry out, it is actually important for those who wash their hair in long intervals or don’t use normal or even dry shampoo. One of the most common examples of natural hair scrubs is using salt.

Rinse Again

You don’t let your face or body be after a scrub, do you? You obviously rinse them to remove the remnants of the scrub. Therefore, the same is the case when you use scrub for your hair care. After scrubbing your hair, it's their turn to get rinsed again with lukewarm water.  Because it’s not simply your skin but your hair, there might be some fragments of this scrub left that need to be removed.

At the same time, a good exfoliation will leave dead skin and dandruff on your scalp that needs to be washed off as well. This is what rinsing after a nice and relaxing scrubbing does for you. And trust us when we say that,  you will feel much more relaxed and offer your thanks to the one that came up with this idea!

Start at Roots

When watering your plants, which part of them do you actually water? Leaves or their roots? Roots must be the simple and straightforward answer to this question. As the reason for this, you must already know that it is the roots through which the plants get all the required nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for their growth.

Similarly, your hair gets its nutrients from its roots as well as its roots that are attacked by all the contaminants. This further results in several other hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, breakage, split ends, etc. Therefore, you massage your hair with oil, you apply a hair mask keeping in mind your hair scalp, and thus, you start washing your hair from the roots for correct hair care.


Well, the condition for getting enviable and lustrous hair is to carry out a well-thought-out hair care schedule. And this can be achieved to a great extent through conditioning them. Most conditions have elements like silicon, emollients, and oils which, when applied to your hair, help it become smooth, soft, and easy to detangle. Besides, conditioning can make your hair silkier, shiner, lighter, and even straight in some cases.

We needn’t say that there are many of these hair conditioners available in the market. However, the good news is that if you have used the hair mask that we mentioned before, your hair wouldn’t even need conditioning! This is because they would have been conditioned beforehand eliminating the need to use any such chemical-based product again on your precious curtains.

Rinse 3.0

Keeping aside the fact whether you have used our mentioned hair mask or not, if you have used a hair conditioner, you will have to rinse your hair… yet again. Just like leaving them covered with scrub wasn’t an option, not washing your hair after conditioning them isn’t an option. In fact, it would be a shame to hair care if you forget that even by chance. Why shame? Because all your efforts to give your hair a more beautiful life and growth would be in vain. The most logical reasoning for this is that the conditioner is made up of chemicals anyway and seeks to penetrate your scalp skin to provide it with the necessary nutrients for your hair. Thus, if used in excess or left for a longer time, it could counter back and end up damaging your hair instead of helping it.


Before hair wash steps. Check! During hair wash pointers to take care of. Check! Post hair wash steps. Let’s know them now to complete your hair care routine!

Don’t Bind

Your hair is sensitive and precious just as you are. Another fact is that if you are trapped somewhere or in some way, you would suffocate and even break down. Like, when tie your wet hair tightly, it may turn out to be very harsh on them. This will result in them getting weak and breaking down eventually. Therefore, if you really want to follow a correct hair care routine, be wise and do not constrain them too hard in anything, even if it’s a soft towel. Or else prepare yourself to see several dead soldiers that actually belong to the land of your head…

Serum Application

Remember how your hair would either end up soaked in oil again even after washing it or just become dry and rough because of lack of moisture? However, human brains are huge and they actively work, don’t they? Thus, we ended up inventing serums. These aren’t oils that make you sticky and greasy when applied but at the same time, they let your hair be free and soft. However, there is one thing you must make sure about their usage in your hair care routine. Apply this hair serum while your hair is still moist or else it might actually be of no use. Besides, this would also make the detangling of your hair much easier and comfortable.


Detangling your hair before and after hair wash is both important. Detangling before hair wash helps you during the actual process while post-wash is a basic need. Imagine not sorting your knots after hair washing and you go somewhere looking like a homeless and shabby person. You wouldn’t want that, would you? This is why do detangle your hair right after applying your hair serum on moist hair to complete your perfect hair care routine. Now all you need to do is enjoy your covetable, lusty, and soft hair and celebrate their start towards a healthy and beautifully growing life!

Extra Approach

The hair care process of washing them also has some other things that are better to take care of. And you being our lovely audience, deserve to know some extra approaches.

  • Remember to oil your hair from its roots and give them at least 4 hours or a night before washing them.
  • Don’t be harsh when detangling your hair as this might harm its roots and weaken them which would increase the chances of them breaking.
  • Try to use chemical-free or natural products, be it shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask.
  • Be gentle when drying them. You are not in a battle with them but trying to keep your hair protected.
  • It’s better if you don’t expose them to direct heat or blow dry.
  • Don’t comb your hair while they are still wet. Let them come to the point where they are moist and use serum so that your comb can get a nice slide in your hair.
  • Don’t skip your hair day but at the same time, don’t wash them very often. Washing them twice or thrice a week is enough, etc.
  • Don’t stress your strands by not using water that’s not of the correct temperature (lukewarm is the best).

Some Additional Tips And Tricks To Hair Care That Could Help You!

See how you have our care and back?! This is why here are some tips and tricks that you can use for your hair care ritual:

  • Choose your products wisely. It’s much better to choose natural ones for your locks.
  • Remember the reason why you need a particular hair product so that it can stay valid for the purpose it serves.
  • Never condition your scalp but just your hair.
  • Your hair disregards getting a blow drying while they are still wet or even ironing in any condition.
  • It’s fine if you want to change your products even after their long usage time. Allow your hair some variety while keeping in mind their nourishment.
  • If you love your hair, it would be best if you don’t tie it too hard or don’t experiment with certain hairstyles on them that pull them.
  • Avoid taking risky decisions like hair dyeing, etc. that could possibly harm your hair. However, if you are sort of a risk-taker, use the hair-advised hair care products the way you should.
  • You better not go out while your hair is soaked in oil. Do not do those things that attract contaminants towards them! Okay?

Let’s Wrap Around!

Okay-okay now. You don’t have to thank us for all the tips and tricks we shared with you with a simple question regarding how to wash your hair the right way.  Being of some help to you made us happy enough. But now that you know what your hair care routine should look like, don’t forget to follow the steps if you desire to get the kind of hair even the wind would love to pass through! Forget the bad hair day because now you can always have the glistening ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you washed your hair well?
When your hair is washed well, it feels light, shiny, and soft, besides your scalp feeling relaxed.

How many times a week should you wash your hair?
We suggest you wash your hair twice or thrice a week. This would help them get rid of the accumulated dirt while not giving them the pain of separation from their natural oils.

How long do you leave the shampoo in your hair?
You do not leave the shampoo in your hair. Just give them a good massage and rinse them.

How do you keep your hair healthy?
Follow a customary hair care routine and follow the right steps to do the same.

What causes poor hair quality?
Hairstyles that pull your strands hard, extensions, frequent dyeing, not using the correct products, etc. all contribute to poor hair quality.