Why is Plant Based Protein Better? How Long Does Plant Protein Take to Digest?

The importance of protein in our diets cannot be overstated. Protein is a macronutrient that is essential for building and repairing tissues in our bodies, as well as for the growth and maintenance of our muscles, bones, and organs. Protein also plays a vital role in hormone regulation, immune function, and the production of enzymes and other important molecules in our bodies.

Traditionally, protein has been associated with animal-based sources such as meat, eggs, and dairy products. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend towards plant-based diets, and for good reason. Plant-based protein sources offer a wide range of health benefits that are not available with animal-based sources. In this article, we will explore why plant-based protein powder is better, and why you should consider incorporating it into your diet.

  • Health Benefits plant-based protein powder is associated with a range of health benefits. Research has shown that consuming plant-based protein powder can reduce the risk of high cholesterol levels, chronic diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes. Plant-based proteins are also easier to digest than animal-based proteins, which mean that they are less likely to cause digestive problems such as bloating and constipation. 
  • More Sustainable Plant-based proteins are also more sustainable than animal-based sources. Animal agriculture requires large amounts of land, water, and other resources. In contrast, best plant based protein powder can be grown using less water and land, making them a more sustainable choice for the future.
  • Ethical Considerations Finally, there are ethical considerations to consider when it comes to consuming animal-based proteins. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of consuming animal products, either because of concerns about animal welfare or for personal reasons. By choosing plant-based proteins, you can ensure that your diet is in line with your personal beliefs and values.

Now, let's take a closer look at Nirvasa plant-based protein powder, which is one of the best plant-based protein powders available on the market. The powder is made from a blend of high-quality pea protein, brown rice, flaxseed powder, carrot powder, beetroot powder, and Amla powder. The powder also incorporates tomato powder, blueberry powder, Ashwagandha powder, green tea 60% extract, papain, barley seed powder, and grape seed extract.

Pea protein is a premium quality protein that is enriched with noticeable iron content. It aids muscle growth, manages weight, and supports a healthy heart. Brown rice is rich in two types of antioxidants-phenols and flavonoids-which reduce cell damage and lessen the risk of premature aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. Flaxseed powder is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, lignans, and unique nutritional properties that improve digestion, reduce the risk of heart disease, balance blood pressure, and lower the total blood cholesterol level.

Carrot powder strengthens and boosts the immune system. It is also known to improve eyesight, enhance skin appearance, and has potent antioxidant properties. Beetroot powder facilitates heart health, body health, and blood health. Beetroot powder also improves blood circulation and enhances skin appearance. Amla powder is packed with the goodness of Vitamin C and has powerful antioxidant properties that prevent premature greying, premature aging signs, and maintain the health of skin and hair. It also detoxifies the body.


Plant based protein powder contain more fiber than animal-based proteins, hence the exact digestion time can vary depending on the type of plant protein and how it is prepared.

Nirvasa plant-based protein powders are formulated with pea protein, brown rice, flaxseed powder and more, which can help to break down protein molecules and improve digestion. Nirvasa plant based protein powder can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to digest. Usually the digestion time of plant based protein powder is 1-4 hours only and also based on the type of protein and how it is prepared. It is important to listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel after consuming plant-based protein. If you experience digestive discomfort, it may be helpful to adjust your intake or preparation methods to make the protein more easily digestible.


Best plant-based protein powder is healthier, more sustainable, and ethical choice than animal-based protein. Packed with the goodness of beneficial and super effective constituents, it meets the daily requirements of the body, helps to build lean muscles, strengthens the immune system, and more in the queue. 

In conclusion, plant-based protein powder is a great option for those looking to boost their protein intake while also reaping the benefits of additional nutrients and antioxidants found in plants. Nirvasa plant based protein powder is a high-quality and effective supplement that incorporates a wide range of beneficial plant-based ingredients like pea protein, brown rice, flaxseed powder, and more. By incorporating this supplement into your daily routine, you can support muscle growth, manage weight, improve digestion, enhance skin health, and promote overall well-being. So, add Nirvasa plant based protein powder to your diet today and experience the multiple health benefits it has to offer!